Citycon as an investment

Investing in Citycon means an investment in a Finnish real estate company combining property investment with shopping centre business. Citycon is specialised in retail properties, especially in shopping centres, in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark. As a specialised company, Citycon has strong knowledge of the market and professional skills, and the company’s management of shopping centres in particular is first class. Citycon is proactively leading the development of its business area, increasing the value of its property portfolio and boosting its income.

Citycon strives to create strong and predictable cash flows with a long-term approach, conservative business model and solid balance sheet. In 2016 we again demonstrated our ability to deliver stable and growing results even in more challenging market conditions.

Efforts to increase shareholder value
Citycon aims to increase profitability and improve the company’s growth outlook and share valuation further through active asset management, renewal and strengthening of its property portfolio and efficient financing.

Citycon’s success relies on its wellbalanced shopping centre portfolio in the best locations, proactive asset management style with a true understanding of the customer’s needs and the ability to leverage on a Nordic and Baltic platform. As a leading player in the market and with a strong network of shopping centres, we have a deep knowledge of our markets and can take on selective acquisition and (re)developments where we see the potential. We have a strong focus on profitability and during recent years we have re-shaped our organisation to become more efficient and flexible. Our target is always to create added value for our stakeholders and offer our investors a competitive return on their investment.

Responsibility is an integral part of Citycon’s strategy. Good corporate governance, target-oriented leadership, appropriate work conditions, and community involvement are important elements in Citycon’s way of working. Citycon’s efforts in this area have gained external recognition in the GRESB survey (Green Star) and EPRA sustainability awards (gold-level). Citycon has also won the EPRA gold award in the Financial Best Practices series for five consecutive years.

Dividend policy
Citycon’s current dividend distribution policy is to pay out more than 50% of the result for the period excluding fair value changes on property.