Community and companionship

Citycon wants to offer local communities comprehensive services. Public administration service points, libraries, health care centres, home care units and even chapels complement the shopping centre service portfolio. Citycon’s shopping centres are located within existing community structures, close to people and customer flows.

The daily operations of Citycon’s shopping centres take into account local partners and representatives, such as residents’ associations and charities. Forms of local cooperation with them varies from centre to centre. Local partners and representatives are also included in the planning and implementation phases of development projects.

Citycon takes care of protecting the environment of its neighbouring areas by implementing all of its shopping centres' construction and development projects in a sustainable manner, and in line with the principles underlying environmental classification. Some of Citycon’s shopping centres and their environments are valuable in terms of their cultural history or construction heritage, which must be upheld alongside shopping centre development and expansion projects.

Please read more from our Annual and Sustainability Report 2015