Mapic 2018, Citycon
Fast track to the Nordic spirit
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Citycon at Mapic 2018

Citycon operates in the fastest growing cities in the Nordics. When you talk to us, you talk to over 50 shopping centres and 25 million consumers across five countries.   

Please join us at our booth R7.D 3 at Palais des Festivals in Cannes 14-16 November 2018 and we can discuss how to put your business on the fast track to the Nordic market.

Mapic 2018, Citycon
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The Citycon region is home to 25 million consumers with a high purchasing power and a population growth that is one of the strongest in Europe. Book your meeting today and let’s meet at Mapic!
Mapic 2018, Citycon
A strong portfolio of everyday shopping centres
Located in the hearts of urban areas, our multifunctional centres serve as true community hubs and meeting places where people come for everyday shopping, services, recreation and fun. Linked to easily accessible public transportation, our modern shopping centres are easy to visit, lovely to stay.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
More quality urban assets under development
A core part of Citycon's strategy is to actively develop its shopping centres either via (re)developments or extensions. The objective is always to increase the commercial attractiveness and competitiveness of the shopping centre and thereby generate stronger rental growth while consolidating market value.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
Kista Galleria – One of the most visited shopping centres in the Nordics
Kista Galleria is one of Sweden’s largest and most successful shopping centres, boasting about 19 million visitors annually. Kista Galleria enjoys a central location, with metro station and bus terminal connected to the shopping centre.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
M.E.E.T. – The unique restaurant concept in Iso Omena
Eating is the new shopping! F&B is one of hottest retail trends and one of the fastest growing areas in the shopping centre business. Citycon launched the new restaurant concept M.E.E.T (Meet. Eat. Enjoy. Together) in the renewed shopping centre Iso Omena in 2017.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
Oasen – Centre of a nice neighbourhood with a versatile offering
Oasen Senter is often referred to as the “centre of a nice neighbourhood”, with its versatile health care and cultural services as well as retail stores. The centre, just outside central Bergen, was expanded by 8,000 sq.m. in November 2014.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
Strædet – Completely new, urban open-air shopping centre
Opened in 2017, Strædet is located in the city centre of Køge in the greater Copenhagen area, next to Køge’s transportation hub consisting of the commuter railway and bus stations. It is a modern, high quality shopping street which houses a comprehensive range of stores, cafés and restaurants for everyday life.
Mapic 2018, Citycon
Rocca al Mare – A fashion destination, close to Tallinn’s city centre
Rocca al Mare is home to approximately 160 specialty shops in fashion, interior decoration, leisure and well-being, as well as full-range grocery stores. Tallinn’s first food court also operates in the shopping centre.
Meet our team at Mapic
Marcel Kokkeel, Citycon

Marcel Kokkeel

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Jurn Hoeksema, Citycon

Jurn Hoeksema

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Jussi Vyyryläinen, Citycon

Jussi Vyyryläinen

Vice President, Leasing
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Kathrine Knudsen Tilrem, Citycon

Kathrine Knudsen Tilrem

Vice President, Specialty Leasing
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Mikko Pohjala

Mikko Pohjala

IR and Communications Director
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Maiju Röysky, Citycon

Maiju Röysky

Communications Project Manager
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