Today, successful shopping centres need to be more than shopping. An increasing number of customers combine shopping with restaurant visits, gym training and other activities. Therefore, we develop our centres as urban meeting places that, in addition to shopping, also offer services, culture and the opportunity to dine in a pleasant environment.

Convenience-led and more than shopping

Mölndal Galleria in the Greater Gothenburg area opened in September 2018 and is an urban convenience centre that focuses on daily necessities, services and a generous food and beverage offering. The share of food and beverage is approximately 15% of the centre’s gross leasable area. The neighbouring library and several health care services adds to the attractiveness of the place and ensures a high footfall.

The number one meeting place

With its retail premises of 24,000 square meters, Mölndal Galleria is well optimised to suit its catchment area and its role as a city district shopping centre. Developed as a natural part of Mölndal’s city centre, the galleria serves as the number one meeting place for people working and living in the neighbourhood.

Design at the heart of the experience

At Citycon, we believe that great design inspires people to spend longer time in shopping centres. In Mölndal Galleria, the design and architecture is placed at the heart of the experience, creating a feeling of a ‘city within the city’ with a variety of materials in a first-class building. The centre is designed as a long-term asset of sustainable value, with enduring appeal and strong resilience. Mölndal Galleria is the first shopping centre in Western Sweden certified with the international standard of BREEAM Very Good.

Embedded in the community

The centre creates jobs and opportunities for the people who live near: around 500 people are employed by the centre, more than half of the job seeking people in Mölndal. To a large extent, the centre employs young people who are in the beginning of their working career.

Well-connected location

Located only 8 minutes by train from central Gothenburg, the Mölndal Galleria is adjacent to Gothenburg’s second largest hub for public transportation with trains, buses and trams that reach all parts of the Greater Gothenburg area.

Thriving place with excellent potential

The city of Mölndal is currently undergoing an extensive modernisation and transformation: Approximately 6,000 new homes are being planned and more than 130,000 sq.m. are being planned for in ongoing zonings. The growing primary catchment area is expected to reach 45,000 people by 2020.