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Type: Residential and commercial development

We plan to develop the IsoMyyri shopping centre area to urban city block together with neighbouring landowners. Our aim is to create a high-quality and lively area which combines urban living, services, work, leisure and high-quality public outdoor space.

2019 - 2022

Planning and design phase

2023 - 2027

Planned construction phase

~ 27,000

Gross building area for Citycon

In the development project, the existing IsoMyyri shopping centre buildings and the parking facility will be demolished and replaced mostly by apartments in addition to retail premises, services and offices. Area’s city planning is ongoing.

The area has a great location next to the Myyrmäki train station alongside with a bus terminal housing several bus lines. The transport hub together with all the necessary services and recreational opportunities provide an excellent starting point for a sustainable development. Renewable energy is used in buildings, and further planning will investigate the utilization of geothermal potential.

Developing attractive urban environment

We develop the area to be even more urban. The development plan applies to successful metropolitan environment elements such as green areas and resident rooftop gardens combined with a higher construction. The liveliness of the area is planned to be increased by bringing art to the area.

Asematie, Tikkurila

Type: Residential and commercial development

We plan to develop the Asematie quarter in Tikkurila to urban city block together with the neighbouring landowners. New city quarter will include new residential, offices, services and street level retail closely connected to the railway station and other services in Tikkurila center.

2021 - 2022

Planning and design phase

2023 - 2024

Planned construction phase

~ 10,000

Gross building area for Citycon

The Asematie block is located right next to the Tikkurila railway station in Tikkurila, known as the eastern centre Vantaa. In terms of accessibility and public transport, Tikkurila is the most convenient place to live in Vantaa. Tikkurila is a hub where people live, study, work and enjoy a wide selection of culture, sports and events.

The development plan of the quarter aims for mixed-use functions including living, working, eating and enjoying. Excellent location right next to the busy train station and at the same time one of the most central blocks of Tikkurila enables many city functions. Asematie quarter is currently on city planning phase and final land use will be decided via city plan.


Type: Mixed-use development

Heikintori shopping centre is located in a great location in Tapiola, Espoo. We plan to develop the old centre to urban city block combining apartments and commercial services.

2021 - 2022

Planning and design phase

2023 - 2025

Planned construction phase

~ 7,000

Gross building area

Tapiola is a lively urban centre known as a garden city – the area unites the convenience of city life with nature. In the area you will find art, culture, services, great sports facilities and excellent transportation connections.  In the immediate vicinity of the centre there is a western metro stop and a bus terminal with several bus lines. Currently Tapiola has some 9,700 inhabitants and is expected to grow to 15,000 by 2050. The vibrant area provides a great starting point for a development project that creates value for all parties.

Development plans include re-development of the current shopping centre building and additional building for commercial and residential uses.



Type: Office, service and residential development

Our plan is to develop the area around the Kristiine shopping centre by building new apartments, office premises and more services – all closely related to the infrastructure of the shopping centre and forming a unified community.

2021 - 2024

Planning and design phase

2024 - 2028

Planned construction phase

~ 45,000

Gross building area

The Kristiine centre is located in the “main traffic artery” of Tallinn which means excellent access by all modes of transport – train, bus, trolley and car. We aim to further develop the near surroundings of the centre as a multifunctional urban area and connect it even better with public transport hubs. Development plans include mixed-use possibilities to be developed on the present outside car parking area. Densification possibilities and final land use will be determined in the new city plan.

The development will make the area even more attractive for residents, workers and service providers. This will help to reduce the car use in Tallinn, by bringing together workplaces, housing, trade, leisure opportunities and high-quality public transport which decreases the load on traffic.

Rocca al Mare

Type: Mixed-use

We plan to develop the Rocca al Mare centre into a multifunctional living environment of the region by building office, service and residential premises as well as additional shopping to the area. Possibillities to include better public transportation connections are also studied.

2020 - 2024

Planning and design phase

2024 - 2030

Planned construction phase

~ 100,000

Gross building area

Rocca al Mare is located just a few kilometres to the West from the city centre, in the heart of a densely populated residential area. Our aim is to increase the value of Rocca Al Mare’s outdoor parking area with densification plans that include offices, entertainment, service premises as well as apartments for sale and rental. City planning is ongoing along side with the detail designing of the future land use.

Completed projects

Iso Omena


We completed a major expansion project for the Iso Omena shopping centre in spring 2017. After its expansion, Iso Omena has been a huge success, achieving numerous awards and more satisfied customers and tenants.

2013 - 2017

Years of implementation (two phases)


New gross leasable area, sq.m


New shops, restaurants and service units

In the development project, the gross leasable area of Iso Omena increased to more than 100,000 square meters. The project brought many new shops and services to the centre, including the restaurant world M.E.E.T (Meet, Eat, Enjoy, Together) boasting an impressive selection of high-quality food, the Service Centre of the City of Espoo (6,000 sqm) and a cinema. With more than 200 different shops and services, Iso Omena is among Finland’s largest shopping centres.

The shopping centre also features the busy Matinkylä metro station and a feeder transport bus terminal which are located directly underneath the centre. Footfall of Iso Omena increased by 74 % to 20 million annual visitors after metro opening in 2017.

The Iso Omena shopping centre has been awarded a LEED® Platinum certificate for its extension, the highest rating level within the environmental certification system.

Award-winning Iso Omena

Iso Omena has won several awards in the shopping centre industry. The Nordic Council of Shopping Centers (NCSC) chose it as Finland’s best shopping centre in 2018 and as Best Nordic shopping centre in 2019. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) selected Iso Omena as the winner in the category of extra-large shopping centre refurbishments and/or expansion projects in 2019.

Are you interested in leasing retail or office space in Iso Omena? Read more and check out the available premises here.

Mölndal Galleria - The friendly community centre in the heart of Mölndal


Opened in 2018, Mölndal Galleria is a community centre that focuses on daily necessities, services and a generous food and beverage offering. The neighbouring library and several health care services adds to the attractiveness of the place and ensures a high footfall. Located only 8 minutes by train from central Gothenburg, the centre is adjacent to Gothenburg’s largest hub for public transportation with trains, buses and trams.

The design is placed at the heart of the experience, creating a feeling of a ‘city within the city’ with a variety of first-class materials. The galleria is deeply anchored in the existing city structure with connections to the surrounding streets, squares and bridge. This creates an empowering interaction where the new galleria contributes to the city as a living place for retail and meetings.

With its retail premises of 24,000 square meters, Mölndal Galleria was developed in close partnership with the municipality of Mölndal and plays a central role in the major transformation and modernisation of the city of Mölndal which is being re-developed and densified with new housing, offices and commerce as well as refurbished streets and squares.

Mölndal Galleria is the first shopping centre in Western Sweden to be certified with the international standard of BREEAM Very Good.

2015 - 2018

Years of implementation


New gross leasable area, sq.m


New shops, restaurants and service units


Parking spaces

Are you interested in leasing retail or office space in Mölndal Galleria? Read more and check out the available premises here.

Liljeholmstorget Galleria - a high-class urban transformation


In October 2009, Citycon opened a completely new city quarter at Liljeholmstorget, developed with the with the community in focus, with housing, workplaces, schools, healthcare, public transport and retail space integrated including Liljeholmstorget Galleria of more than 40,000 square meters GLA and around 90 new shops, restaurants and cafés. The building has incorporated apartments with a total area of 6,000m² and a subterranean parking for approximately 900 cars.

Liljeholmstorget Galleria on three levels is a well-integrated part of the larger project Liljeholmstorget. With a wide range of retail and services and a varied offering of as local healthcare clinics childcare centres, workplaces, housing, gyms, etc. it is one of the first examples of the change from “single-use” urban construction to the multifunctional city quarter with a holistic content that caters to all parts of the urban life. With its strategic location and a structure that reaches many different levels, the centre is in direct connection with surrounding homes, subway, trams, buses and its own subterranean garage on several floors, all which both guarantees and facilitates a steady footfall throughout the asset.

2007 - 2009

Years of implementation


Gross leasable retail space


Gross leasable office space


New shops, restaurants & service units




Subterranean parking

Integrated with metro station and bus square.

Europe’s first LEED-platinum certified shopping centre.

Awarded Best city district shopping centre eight years in a row by Evimetrix.

Winner of 2010 Planning Prize by Architects Sweden.


Motivation by Architects Sweden:

The 2010 Planning Prize goes to the City of Stockholm for a high-class urban transformation, complete with functional integration and the realised vision of secure, pleasing and living urban spaces. An excellent example of the solution of an urgent planning task in the context of sustainable urban development.

Persistent and purposive endeavour by the City of Stockholm with Liljeholmstorget has turned a run-down, empty square into a living township with housing, a diversity of functions and a wealth of public and commercial services. Round an important node the City has created an attractive venue for everyday needs. A modern station solution with high functional, social and ambient qualities enhances the attraction of the place. Important components are the complete integration of the nodal point with the body of the township, with day-lit metro platforms directly adjoining bus services and within close proximity of the Tvärbanan (Transverse Line). The creation of Liljeholmstorget would not have been possible without high-quality planning work and a unification of forces by the City authorities, the transport mandators and other clients.

Read about RE:Liljeholmen, Citycon’s current development project at Liljeholmen.

Are you interested in leasing retail or office space in Liljeholmstorget Galleria? Read more and check out the available premises here.