Ad surfaces

Citycon Media offers you an easy tool to buy media and promotions

Citycon Media is a powerful out-of-home marketing platform to reach your customers in a shopping centre environment, close to the purchase decision. Citycon Media offers promotion spots and pop-up places, banners & boards, ad surfaces, digital screens, bundles and audio ads across our shopping centres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Denmark. Book your multichannel campaigns and promotion spots in our online store at Citycon Media. 


Why Citycon Media? 

  • Annually 170 million shopping centre customers 

  • Necessity-based shopping centres in urban areas providing frequent customer flow 

  • Strong digital focus 

  • Scalable platform for your campaign: local -> regional -> national -> Nordic 

  • Tailored marketing solutions 

  • Possibility to steer customer flows and increase awareness 

  • Platform for offers and customer communications 

  • Citycon’s shopping centres in the Nordics provide: 

  • 500 promotion spots 

  • 2,000 media surfaces