Pop-up and grow your business

We are experts in providing shopping spaces and meeting places. A pop-up at one of Citycon’s shopping centres could be exactly what your brand, product or concept needs to connect with your existing and potential customers.

A pop-up can be the sensible choice for both established companies and brand new concepts that are about to enter the market.

You can pop-up at any of our 40 shopping centres in the Nordics, either on a short-term or a long-term contract.

Annually Citycon has 63 million visitors in Finland and Estonia, 57 million in Norway and 47 million in Sweden and Denmark.

Get in touch and we will help you get started and connect with the people of the Nordics!

Case: Chamber of commerce at Magasinet Drammen

The chamber of commerce in Drammen chose Magasinet as the location when connecting local businesses with the people in the region. 70 businesses spread across 2000 square meters created dialogue and engagement for two days.

The feedback is just great. The willingness to corporate and the flexibility has been enormous, says Tom Wang, market manager at Chamber of commerce, Drammen.

Watch the video from the event at Magasinet:

Case: Polestar pop-up at Solsiden

Polestar established a successful pop-up for the Polestar 2 electric car at Solsiden shopping centre in Norway. Visitors could experience the car in the common areas of the shopping centre and test drive the car directly from the parking garage.

– The interest has been better than we could have imagined, says Alexander Hørthe, head of Polestar Norway.

Watch the video from the Polestar 2 pop-up at Solsiden:

Book your pop-up

You can book your pop-up at www.cityconmedia.com or contact one of our pop-up experts in order to find the right location for your business.

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Christian Kiilerich-Hansen

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Ulf Glad

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Olga Piksina

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