House rules for social media

Citycon and our shopping centres have a strong presence in social media. Most of our shopping centres have a Facebook page and many are also present in Instagram and/or other social media channels. We find our social media channels to be important places for interaction with our customers and we welcome everybody to meet us there.

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These are Citycon's official rules for social media which we refer to when necessary:

We welcome comments and activity in our social media, but reserve the right to remove posts and comments that:

  • contain abuses, personal attacks or defamation.
  • contain the incitement to racial hatred, sexist opinions or other harassments.
  • encourages criminal acts.
  • contain punishable depiction of violence or pornography.
  • try to sell goods and services.
  • wrongfully contain copyrighted material.
  • contain profanity or obscene words.

All user-generated content (comments, links, images, movies etc.) published by users in our social media do not necessarily reflect our own views or values. We cannot guarantee that information or statements published in our social media is correct. Posts or comments that do not pertain to the discussion may be removed.