People Company – Making Our People Grow and Glow

The core of Citycon's HR strategy is to empower our personnel and provide them with the possibility to grow as professionals. Citycon has a strong performance culture, and in order to build a great employee experience, Citycon’s “Together One” ensures that Cityconners enjoy and feel proud of their work.

All Cityconners are encouraged to look for opportunities to learn and develop. We promote internal mobility, as every year several employees move into new positions, cross-functions and even cross-borders. We aim to fill in as many open positions internally as possible.

We constantly seek for the best possible fit regarding the culture, job and the person by active talent management. Many employees are recruited to trainee positions at the end of their studies. We support our professionals to reach their full potential and offer them a path to move further in their careers within the company. Our employees learn in many ways – through experience at work, from others, in trainings and seminars, and through their professional networks. We aim to proactively find the next possible career steps and ensure that we have potential successors as vacant positions open.

We believe in inspiring leadership, which empowers our personnel to reach their challenging goals. Our leaders coach their teams to ensure that everyone knows what to do, where to aim for, and how to get there. In addition to daily work, we develop our leadership culture twice a year in our internal “Let’s Lead” training programme.

Citycon's values: Passionate, Solution-Oriented and Together One

Citycon's values: Passionate, Solution-Oriented and Together One  lay the foundation of everything that we do in our operations and leadership. It's important that all Cityconners are engaged and committed to our values in their work. That’s why we seek for passionate, solution-oriented people with a together one mindset in our recruitment processes, so that the cultural fit is optimal. Our values are also discussed every year as a natural part of our performance plans. Building a strong culture with people living our values makes learning, development, talent management and leadership more efficient, allowing us to focus on reaching our goals.

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