Retail experts

‘Retail experts’ means using and developing our retail expertise in order to create pleasant shopping experiences and sustainable solutions for tenants and visitors alike.

What does this mean in practise?

  • Creating positive shopping experiences for customers and building close ties with surrounding communities
  • Attracting and retaining right talent by offering an excellent place to work that supports professional growth

What did we do in 2018?

  • Reached positive development in our annual tenant satisfaction survey
  • Introduced new tenants and concepts in all countries (e.g. Bastard Burger, JD Sports, Kitch’n, Monton, Søstrene Grene)
  • More than half a million members in our Loyalty Programmes

Enriching everyday life

Located in the hearts of urban areas, our multifunctional centres serve as true community hubs and meeting places where people come for everyday shopping, services, recreation and fun. Linked to easily accessible public transportation, our modern shopping centres are easy to visit, lovely to stay.

Over 100 grocery stores

Our necessity-based shopping centres provide everyday convenience, as they are anchored by grocery stores and other daily shopping and services.

As part of a modern lifestyle, people want to combine shopping with other experiences. FB, cinemas, theatres, game studios, bowling, and many other entertainment services are growing areas in the shopping centre tenant mix.

Share of online-resilient tenants’ sales 60 %

Broader offerings of food and beverage are an increasingly important part of a shopping centre visit. We have steadily raised the share of FB in the tenant mix. Our centres host many global and local café and restaurant brands that offer a great variety of different cuisines and tastes.

Enjoyable food and beverage

Municipal services such as libraries, public service points and health care centres are a growing element in our shopping centres. Public services are easily and conveniently accessible to people when they are located in shopping centres. They also bring steady customer flow to the centres.

Our shopping centres offer a wide variety of health, well-being and beauty services. Public and private medical and dental health services, gyms, pharmacies as well as beauty parlours, hair salons and cosmetics shops are an essential part of the shopping centre offering.

More than 500,000 registered customers

In addition to our physical premises, we engage our customers digitally. Our mobile appli­cation provides us and our tenants with an additional touchpoint to inter­act with shopping centre customers by offering them benefits and offers.

Digital engagement and dialogue

Well-known and strong fashion brands form one of the cornerstones of an attractive retail mix. Many Citycon shopping centres are anchored by a strong fashion offering.

Fashion creates appeal

Metros, trains, buses and tramlines are connected or even directly integrated to our shopping centres to drive footfall and make shopping centres easily accessible.

100% linked to public transportation