Oasen is located in the heart Fyllingsdalen, a central place in Bergen’s urban development. A new stop for the Bergen light rail and a new bus terminal connect Fyllingsdalen closer to Bergen city center. Oasen will have a greater role as a transportation hub, which is the basis for developing a modern multifunctional center that includes retail, health services, residentials and offices.

Osaen will open up to the surroundings. Transparent facades and restaurants at the outside square will tie the center's inside and outside together. Furthermore, Oasen will have natural connections to the new bus terminal and the Bergen light rail.

New residentials and offices will strengthen Fyllingsdalen as a living city center, while proximity to the Bergen light rail reflects the intentions of Bergen Municipality's "environmental promise".

The development project is about thinking holistically about Fyllingsdalen, and contributing to good urban living for the coming generation.

Fyllingsdalen, Norway
GLA before/after, SQ.M
50 200/64 900
Completion target