RE: Liljeholmen


Citycon plans to develop residentials and offices at Liljeholmen by covering the track area at Liljeholmstorget. Under the name RE: Liljeholmen, an attractive living environment will be created with new apartments, 3 000 workplaces and a glazed plaza with space for activities, cultural events and experiences.

Following consultation, a final draft plan is now being prepared for examination. Construction can start no earlier than 2023 and is expected to be completed 2029 at the earliest.

Overall, RE: Liljeholmen will include new areas totalling 70,000 sqm, distributed between offices, hotels, retail, services, culture and public meeting places. The preliminary distribution will be as follows: 30,000 sqm of offices, 14,000 sqm of hotels, 10,000 sqm of housing and 6,000 sqm of public spaces with retail and services and 10,000 sqm garage.

The existing healthcare building with 12,000 sqm in size and over 20 care units, will be completely renovated and modernised.


Stockholm, Sweden
Completion target