Trekanten is located at the heart of Asker city center where the distances are small, and you can walk between all the shops and services. Asker city center is also a natural hub for those travelling by train and bus.

Today's center is a mix of various functions including retail, cultural services, health services, offices and residentials. The development project emphasizes that Trekanten should continue to be more than just retail, and help to strengthen Asker as a center and a meeting place with a varied offer. The diversity of functions should be greater, and the interaction better, so that Asker city center and Trekanten are in use all day and every day of the week.

The development project will make Trekanten a more natural part of Asker center. More activity and new walkways will link Asker City Hall, Asker station and the city center together. One of the main links will be the "Cultural axis" which runs from level 1 at Karl Nilsen's place to level 4 upon arrival at the city hall. The new walkways through the center will contribute to more activity, and make it easier for people to use the city center on foot or by bicycle.

New floors over the existing center will make room for health services, hotels, offices, fitness center and municipal services.

The main idea of the development project is to create meeting places through multiple functions and interaction between people.

Asker, Norway
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