Key numbers

    Sales (EUR million)111.2
    Visitors (million)6.5
    Gross leasable area (sq.m.)44,000
    Retail premises (sq.m.)43,500
    Number of stores140
    Parking spaces968

    Shopping Centre Kristiine

    Rental income by category

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    Catchment area

    10 minutes driving time
    Number of customers 324,000
    Purchasing power (EUR million) 3,200

    15 minutes driving time
    Number of customers 424,000
    Purchasing power (EUR million) 4,200

    Opening hours

    Mon-Sun 10-21
    Prisma 8-23


    Centre management

    Linda Eichler

    Centre Manager
    +372 5569 5911
    Linda.Eichler (at)


    Katri Kivisäk

    Leasing Manager, Estonia
    +372 665 9102
    katri.kivisak (at)