A Citycon Career Path: Henrica Ginström - Moving Cross-Borders and Cross-Functions

Henrica Ginström joined Citycon in 2011. Previously, she had worked with financial due diligence processes in a big consultancy company. She started at Citycon as a Transaction Controller, but started a few months later as an Operation Analysis Manager.

A different opportunity opened two years later, as Henrica was appointed as an Investor Relations Manager. These responsibilities grew a while later, as she resumed the position of Vice President, IR and Communications. In 2017, her career took a turn to business - and to the West. From the beginning of September 2017, she has worked as a Commercial Director in Oslo.

Henrica has moved cross-functions already many times. “I feel that my superiors have supported me, as they have given me new opportunities. Even though my role has changed many times, I have always been able to utilise many skills and competences in new positions, that relate to my previous duties.”

In addition, Henrica points out that in expert organization, the team leader does not have to be the best expert in everything. “I have been led by experienced professionals and I have also learnt a lot from my teams.”

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