At Storbyen they call it the “Green Zone”

“If you want the tenants to sort waste more efficiently, you have to motivate and make things simple,” says Kenny Baller, Property Manager at Storbyen, Sarpsborg in Norway.

Three years ago, Storbyen sorted 56% of the waste into recyclable fractions. Kenny Baller had higher ambitions and set a new goal to achieve a material recycling rate of 70%. Today the number is 68% and the goal is well in sight.

At Storbyen, they call the garbage room the “Green Zone”, making it clear that disposing waste is about the environment. The tenants get information and reminders on how to recycle more efficiently. There are also signs and stickers to help avoid any mistakes in the Green Zone.

Kenny Baller says that it is important that the centre has a professional approach to waste management.

“The Green Zone is a good place to be. The temperature is right, it has good lighting and it doesn't smell bad,” says Kenny Baller. “It is all about facilitating in a good way, building awareness and making it simple,” he says.

“The operations of the centre have to remember that waste management is work in progress, and that you have to focus on this every day to have results,” says Baller.

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