Materiality assessment

When identifying material items, we have taken into account the following aspects: considerations identified during stakeholder group activities; strategic policies; the risk management programme; changes in the internal and external operating environments, including trends, industry best practices and benchmarks, the framework of sustainable development and the principles regarding the scope of reporting.

All the items presented in the matrix are considered important, the positioning of the items is based on considerations on impact as well as current internal and external operating environment.

To get updated information about stakeholder views, an extensive online stakeholder survey was carried out in autumn 2014. The respondents to the survey included personnel, tenants, owners and analysts, shopping centre customers, suppliers, authorities and associations and NGOs.  In connection to this we assessed our impacts on the value chain and as a result certain themes were classified as having material value chain effects.

Materiality was assessed for the first time in 2009, and since then the assessment has been reviewed by Citycon internally and through stakeholder group studies. In 2014, the priority matrix was updated and, as a result, the sustainability strategy was renewed to incorporate this and to better reflect the current group strategy and goals as well as changes in the operational environment.