Climate-Efficient Logistics System for Goods and Waste Transport

Citycon wants to contribute to the restructuring of the communities in which we operate, with the ultimate aim of reaching low or zero emissions as a society. At Citycon, we are focusing on the energy efficiency of the buildings we operate, but we are constantly looking for other ways in which to contribute. By exploring and testing new innovative logistics solutions, Citycon can add a new piece to the puzzle.

Trekanten in the Asker Municipality, Norway, will be the subject of a concept study and pilot shopping centre for examining how different logistics solutions can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving local air quality and reducing noise pollution from logistics. The study is carried out simultaneously with the development and expansion of Trekanten shopping centre and will involve the municipality, Citycon, tenants and logistics providers, as well as waste management providers.

Citycon, together with the municipality of Asker and the main logistics stakeholders in urban freight distribution, wants to develop a new concept in a Norwegian context. In Norway, there are many smaller cities and city centres on the periphery of larger cities – Asker is one of them, located on the periphery of Oslo. In this project, we will look into and aim to pilot solutions such as local transport hubs where transportation done by trucks or lorries can be reloaded onto low or zero-emission vehicles for transport to the city centre. The project will also look into optimisation of delivery hours to avoid congestion, technology for last mile delivery to customers and low-emission vehicle technology such as EV transport fleets, autonomous vehicles and vehicle size optimisation.

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