Climate Partnership with the City of Lahti at Trio shopping centre

In May 2020, the Trio shopping centre in Lahti, Finland responded to the climate challenge of the City of Lahti by becoming an official climate partner of the City. The climate partnership means that that Trio shopping centre is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations and is committed to clear climate goals.

Lahti is committed to achieving an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2025 and to being a circular economy pioneer. Trio shopping centre aims to reduce its carbon footprint by at least 20% over the next two years through, for example, the following measures:

  • Installing a solar powerplant at the shopping centre
  • Changing landlord purchased tenant electricity to green electricity
  • Adding bicycle parking spaces for tenants and staff
  • Providing project work and thesis possibilities for students at LAB University of Applied Sciences focussing on sustainability and Circular Economy

Since signing the partnership agreement, several steps have been taken to achieve the targets. Trio has signed an agreement to install a solar powerplant. If all goes according to plan, the powerplant will be up and running during the spring of 2021 and will produce approximately 100 MWh of renewable energy per year. From 2021 onwards, all landlord purchased tenant electricity throughout Citycon will be green.

In the autumn we engaged students at the LAB University of Applied Sciences in a course by providing Trio as a case study. Two groups of students tackled the challenges of how the shopping centre could act as an enabler for the circular economy and how to support tenants and visitors to visit the centre by carbon free modes of transport.

The circular economy solution proposed revolved around creating a network for pop-up flea markets and vendors of local produce. However, putting this idea into action needs to be postponed until the Covid-19 pandemic is behind us. The green transportation solution proposed consists of creating an indoor bicycle parking space with possibilities for bicycle repair service in a currently vacant space. Putting this solution into effect is something that Citycon will look into during 2021.

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