Community and companionship

    Community and companionship

    Citycon’s shopping centres are located at urban crosspoints close to where customers live and work, and
    with a direct connection to publid transportation, healthcare and municiapal services. Libraries, health care
    centres, home care units and even chapels complement the shopping centre service portfolio. 

    We believe that shopping centres that combine the urban enviroment with social experiences will succeed
    in the future. Our stakeholder dialogue and engagement has revolved around including local communities and
    building capacity within shopping centres themselves, and we seek to engage both young and old in our work

    The daily operations of Citycon’s shopping centres take into account local partners and representatives, such
    as residents’ associations and charities. Forms of local cooperation with them varies from centre to centre.
    Local partners and representatives are also included in the planning and implementation phases of
    development projects.

    Citycon takes care of protecting the environment of its neighbouring areas by implementing all of its
    shopping centres' construction and development projects in a sustainable manner, and in line with the
    principles underlying environmental classification. Some of Citycon’s shopping centres and their
    environments are valuable in terms of their cultural history or construction heritage, which must be upheld
    alongside shopping centre development and expansion projects.






    100% of shopping centres and development
    projects located in built enviroments connected
    to public transportation

          Community engagement

    Confirm the link between community activities and
    business goals


    Conduct an annual tenant satisfaction survey

          Suppliers & Partners

    Establish formal process for sustainable supply chain management

    • Code of conduct commitment included in lease
    • JV partners and Co-investors: Code of Conduct
      survey in all material investment processes
    • Suppliers: Code of Conduct clause in all supply
      agreements greater than EUR 10, 000


    More information in our Annual Review 2016