Demand Response is the First Step Towards Energy-Smart Buildings

A prerequisite for the operation of the electricity grid is that the production and consumption is in balance. To maintain the balance, one can either adjust production or increase the demand flexibility. To maintain the balance of the electricity grid, Finngrid, the Finnish grid operator, has created an open market where electricity producers and consumers can participate. This is called “demand response” of electricity grids. Finngrid will compensate the participating consumers for standby and activated reserves.

At IsoKristiina and Iso Omena, Citycon has studied the potential of participating in the demand response market through frequency reserve markets by regulating the building service technology energy use or by combining this with an energy reserve. In 2019, we are striving to put the plans into action.

In practice, this means that when the grid experiences a sudden surge in energy demand, our HVAC systems, water cooling machines, and so on will run on lower effect for a short while, thus freeing up grid capacity. If necessary, we can also provide the effect of our stand-by generators to the grid. On the scale of the entire national grid, participating in demand response markets leads to smaller and less frequent energy peaks, which will decrease the need to start reserve energy generation, powered by fossil fuels.

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