Denmark for the Goals

Together with the organisation Denmark for the Goals (Danmark for Målene) and the Municipality of Albertslund, Albertslund Centrum hosted a series of six educational theme days based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The theme days, held at Albertslund, included presentations as well as a wide range of activities and competitions for both kids and adults.

Denmark for the Goals aims to make the high-flying policy texts of the Sustainable Development Goals into something tangible, connecting them to everyday actions that each one of us can do in order to achieve the goals.

The theme day series started out with a day about responsible consumption and production (Goal 12), with the themes of recycling and circular economy. The visitors heard about the big impact of recycling goods, sorting waste and circulating raw materials. During the day, food stores distributed surplus food and a local vocational school presented their upcycled products.

 In June, Albertslund centrum hosted two days about Good health and well-being (Goal 3) as well as packaging as a resource and the state of our oceans. Presentations and activities were about bicycling and other healthy habits that are good for you, your city, the environment and the world. The visitors also heard about the impacts that our diets have on life on land and on our own health.

In September, the theme days at Albertslund focused on Goal number 13, Climate action, and 7, Affordable and clean energy. During these days, visitors learned about how ordinary citizens can help curb climate change and how to save energy at home, on the road and in the city.

Denmark for the Goals strives to activate citizens, municipalities, companies, educational institutions, organizations, etc. from all over Denmark, to actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals, to make the Goals part of everyday life, and to create partnerships for action.

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