Encouraging Green Transportation

 Being connected to public transport is an integral part of both our overall strategy and our renewed sustainability strategy. All of our shopping centres are connected to public transportation, and our aim is to make our shopping centres seamlessly integrated into the transportation systems of the cities we operate in. In addition to this, we aim to make our shopping centres easy to visit by foot, bike and electrical vehicles.

Iso Omena is a great example of excellent accessibility. The end station of the first phase of the Western metro line and the bus terminal for feeder traffic are located under the shopping centre, which makes Iso Omena a strong public transportation hub, and the heart of Southern Espoo. Iso Omena is equipped with parking space dedicated to families and low-emission cars, with the parking spaces situated closest to entrances. The shopping centre also holds electrical vehicle charging stations as well as commuter parking spaces for those who wish to continue their journey towards Helsinki with the metro. There are over 600 dedicated bicycle parking spaces and Espoo City bike pick-up points right outside the centre. In the fall of 2018, Citycon will start a pilot project providing charging possibilities for electrical bicycles which will start out in Iso Omena. 

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