Energy from the Bedrock and the Sun in Jakobsbergs Centrum

Jakobsbergs Centrum in the larger Stockholm area converted to geothermal heating and cooling in 2016, and in the spring of 2018 expanded the use of renewable energy with photovoltaics. The centre now has the first combined solar and geoenergy plant installed in a shopping centre in Sweden. Together with the geothermal plant, approximately 80% of all heat and cooling consumed by Jakobsbergs Centrum is manufactured locally.

With an area of more than 50,000 sq. m., Jakobsbergs Centrum is the largest shopping centre in Sweden that has converted to geoenergy. The heating and cooling energy is absorbed through 70 boreholes that are 300 metres deep. The complementary solar cell park consists of 330 solar panels that will have an annual output of approximately 80 MWh of electricity. This is roughly equal to the consumption of 20 family homes. All the electricity produced will be used in the shopping centre, for fans, lighting, elevators and for the operation of the geothermal plant.

In connection with the installation of the geothermal heating and cooling systems, the control systems for the shopping centre were renewed. This led to a combined reduction of 65% of primary energy consumption at the centre and a yearly CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 130 tonnes. After adding solar cells on the roof of the shopping centre, 53% of the energy consumed at Jakobsbergs Centrum is locally produced, and 90% is from renewable energy sources, since all purchased electricity at Citycon for own use is from renewable sources.

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