Climate Change

Climate Change

Citycon has made a strategic choice to pursue sustainable development. This is why Citycon takes measures both in mitigating and adapting to the global and local effects of climate change.

Risks – Changes in Physical Climate Parameters, Regulation, Material Inputs and Consumer Behaviour

Climate change creates risks for the future of retail management. Changes in the physical climate, such as extreme weather conditions and flood hazards, may cause higher maintenance costs and gradual impact on the buildings. Also stricter legislative approaches and carbon taxation create risks on carbon intensive investments. Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and both tenants and investors expect action in tackling negative climate impacts.

Opportunities – Forerunner in Sustainable Shopping Centre Management

Citycon’s ambitious energy saving targets and aim to increase the use of renewable energy advances implementation of new green technologies and creative solutions in the buildings. These environmentally efficient solutions also reduce operating expenses. Additionally, Citycon’s shopping centers are centrally located and easy to access via public transport. This enables reduction of environmental impact of customer traffic.

In addition to guiding our daily work, environmental certifications such as BREEAM or LEED also create a mean to communicate our environmental performance to external stakeholders. 

Climate Risk Management

  • Observing & Reporting
  • Improving internal management
  • Energy saving actions
  • Sharing best practices
  • Cooperation with tenants & partners
  • Environmental certificates: BREEAM In-Use & LEED