Health and safety in shopping centres

Purpose of management approach

Enhance cooperation and communication with our tenants. Ensure a high level of safety and security for our employees, tenants and visitors, and broaden cooperation to achieve this.

Policies and commitments

Annual tenant satisfaction survey taking into account several different aspects. e.g. Fluency of co-operation, the activities of Citycon shopping centre teams, satisfaction with marketing and services provided by the shopping centres and sustainabiliy issues. The results help Citycon to identify development areas in the centres, to improve activities and to measure the impact of measures taken.

Policies and trainings in place, including crisis plan and training. Various initiatives and collaboration agreements are in place to ensure the safety of our shopping centres.

Targets and actions

Main results 2018 are presented in the Sustainability Accounts on page 6. Citycon´s long term main objectives are presented on page 7 in the Sustainability Accounts and Citycon's full sustainability strategy is available online at

Responsibilities and resources

Business operations are supported by group functions such as sustainability, finance, legal, marketing, communications, security and HR management activities

Evaluation of management approaches

We follow up on results achieved, and develop our management practices in connection to other strategic policies, the risk management programme, and changes in the internal and external operating environments. The Corporate Management Committee (CMC) makes a thorough review of the sustainability strategy and strategic actions every third year. The sustainability team provides yearly progress reports to the CMC on the strategic sustainability actions.

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