Keeping Our Tenants Satisfied

At Citycon we have established various channels for communicating and gathering feedback from our tenants, ranging from an online tenant information portal to regular tenant meetings with shopping centre management. We recognise that cooperation with tenants plays an important part in achieving our sustainability goals. We strive to encourage and help our tenants to take part in our sustainability work by, for instance, encouraging them to take energy efficiency into consideration when making alterations to their stores, providing recycling advise to their employees, and inviting them to take part in our youth cooperation work to make our shopping centres attractive and pleasant for all of our visitors.

We undertake extensive tenant satisfaction surveys across the business, enabling us to work with our tenants to identify areas of improvement. In 2017, we commissioned our largest uniform survey yet. The results show that 83% of our tenants are satisfied with Citycon. We were happy to see that 93% of our tenants are satisfied with environmental issues in our shopping centres, and 84% are satisfied with the social responsibility issues at our centres. 

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