Pikkulaiva - Finland's first pop-up shopping centre

  In Espoonlahti, Finland, Citycon made the decision to invest in Lippulaiva shopping centre’s development project. Lippulaiva shopping centre was demolished, giving way to a modern, multi-functional shopping centre. Given that shopping centre Lippulaiva is closed for the duration of the construction work, Citycon secured everyday services for residents of the surrounding area, and the prerequisites for its tenants’ business during the period of the renovation, by building Finland´s first pop-up shopping centre, Pikkulaiva. Pikkulaiva provides convenient premises for 23 existing tenants and their 350employees to continue operations during the construction process.

Pikkulaiva was constructed from recyclable elements that can be moved by truck, so the whole building can be relocated once the temporary facilities are no longer needed. 

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