Preparing youth for work life

Bjerke High School is a five-minute walk from Linderud shopping center in Oslo, Norway. The shopping centre collaborates with the school so that the students in the business class can learn from the practical side of work life.

“These students are part of our local community, and we think it is great that we can share our experience with the future businessmen and businesswomen of this community,” says Marianne Thoresen-Larsen, centre manager at Linderud shopping centre.

Throughout 2019, the students have come to Linderud shopping centre for job shadowing, as well as for support when writing a job application and CV.

“This is a partnership both the school and shopping centre benefit from. The students can learn from the local businesses, and the young people can offer perspectives for example on how retail should adapt to digitalisation,” says Astrid Støren Grytte, principal at Bjerke High School.

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