Providing opportunities to young people

Líf Laga is the name of the local organisation engaging and creating meeting places for young people in Stovner, Oslo. Stovner Senter is a long-time supporter of the projects initiated by Líf Laga.

Stovnerhagen is a concept and shop at Stovner Senter and is a collaboration between Líf Laga, the local recreational centre Blokk 58, Stovner upper secondary school and Citycon. Stovnerhagen provides job training and creates a meeting place for local youth at Stovner.

Stovnerhagen is also a place where young people sell apple juice they have pressed themselves and that carries their own label. The project gives young people the possibility to run their own business and interact with customers and other youth. The youth themselves are central in the development and operation of Stovnerhagen in collaboration with mentors from both Blokk 58 and Stovner upper secondary school.

Citycon supported Líf Laga when it opened their giant mobile apple press in Norway on the 22nd of  September, 2020. The apple press enables the production of apple juice on a large scale. The Deputy Mayor of Oslo, Kamzy Gunaratnam, called this project a "perfect example" of local collaboration. The project runs so that apple orchard owners in the Oslo area donate the apples which the youth pick, press and sell at Stovnerhagen and online. All income goes to socially beneficial purposes.

Citycon is proud to collaborate with the local organisation Lif Laga and awarded the organization Citycon's Sustainability Award for 2020.

Líf Laga has created a unique arena for community engagement at Stovner Senter, where youth from the area are given ownership and the possibility to interact with the community in a positive way. Although the most visible part of the project is a small store and a giant, transportable apple juice press, the most important factor is the novel way it provides for us to interact with local youth, organisations and the local high school. Líf Laga shows that the actions of a small committed organisation can have a big impact

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