Taking action for safe shopping in the Nordics during the Covid-19 Pandemic

During 2020 our industry faced new challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic as our society faced a new situation with restrictions and regulations to prevent the spread of the virus.

The health and security of our employees and people working at and visiting our centres has been a top priority for us. In order to take the proper actions at the right time, national and local regulations and advice have been closely monitored.

We have strived to implement regulations from national and local health authorities and create a safe environment for working at and visiting our shopping centres. There has been very good cooperation between authorities, tenants, customers, and centres in implementing and following restrictions and guidelines.

We have paid extra attention to the enhanced and thorough cleaning of surfaces, especially in common areas, and provided hand sanitiser dispensers across our centres. Information campaigns urge visitors, among other things, to maintain the necessary safety distances and to use face masks, while the stores implement the necessary measures on their premises.

In addition to the necessary measures to keep our centres safe, there have been several initiatives to make a positive contribution during these challenging times.

Many of our tenants have introduced home delivery as part of their service during the pandemic. For some people this service has been most welcome. We have also established pick-up points at many of our centres, making it easier for people looking for alternative ways of shopping.

The autumn and winter were characterized by local regulations and restrictions that often varied from municipality to municipality, marking a stark difference to the start of the pandemic.

Cooperation between centre managers and central functions, such as marketing and communications, has been key in adjusting to local regulations and in implementing effective measures and messages to customers.

Just as important has been the cooperation with tenants and customers. We are grateful for all the efforts to keep our shopping centres safe.

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