Towards charging stations for electric cars in every centre in Norway

Citycon has continued the work to install charging stations for electric cars at shopping centres in Norway. Almost 300 of approximately 550 charging points were operative at the end of 2020. The rest will be installed during 2021.

BKK is the partner that will establish charging points at every Citycon centre in Norway, while Tesla has set up the new charging station at Liertoppen centre. The Tesla V3 Supercharger station at Liertoppen is the largest of its kind in Europe with 40 Superchargers of the new V3 architecture.

Citycon´s head of sustainability explains how charging stations at every center are great examples of how profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.

− More and more people choose to drive electric cars in Norway, and we want to offer the opportunity for charging while shopping at the centre. We want to offer a service that is in demand, and at the same time give a push towards green transportations, says Bill Engeness, head of sustainability at Citycon.

Citycon has the long-term goal of being climate neutral by 2030, and at the same time more than 50 percent of customers will travel to and from the centers in an environmentally friendly way.

− We want most of our visitors to travel to the centre either by electric car, public transport, by bike or on foot. Our centres are located at public transport hubs that make this possible. When we set up charging stations, we expect to see even more electric cars at our centres, says Engeness.


  • During 2021, all centers owned by Citycon in Norway will be upgraded with new charging stations.
  • In total, Citycon will establish around 550 charging points at Citycon centers in Norway.
  • The above provides the capacity to charge 1000 electric cars per hour.
  • The Norwegian government is working towards the goal that no new cars that run on conventional fuel (gasoline and diesel) are sold after 2025.

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