We Play Fair at Citycon

Citycon’s key purpose is to develop and maintain an economically sound and prosperous business. Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of everything we do to this end. It reinforces our values and lays the foundation for our business operations. Our strategy and activities consider and reflect the ethical principles described in our Code of Conduct.

Our stakeholders expect us to act ethically and responsibly – doing our business the right way. We consistently comply with the applicable laws and regulations of our operating countries in the Nordic and Baltic region. Additionally, the Code of Conduct expresses our commitment to embrace ethical principles and our continuous goal of being a reliable partner in each community and in all of our business activities.

The Code of Conduct governs Citycon’s all business decisions and actions and applies to every employee and executive at Citycon (including employees of our subsidiaries and joint ventures over which Citycon has management control).

Key commitments in short:

Citycon brand and transparency
Citycon is a publicly traded company whose brand we value and protect. We are committed to transparency and working with high integrity. We strive to build a good corporate image in all our operations and to promote Citycon’s success.

 Fair dealing
We commit and expect fair and honest dealing in all our interactions with our business partners. We respect intellectual property rights and all confidential information in our possession.

 Working at Citycon
We provide a working place where everyone can feel safe and respected. We take the promotion and maintenance of equality and diversity seriously, respecting differentcharacteristics and treating others with politeness.

 Safety and Convenience
Within the sphere of our influence, we strive to support safety and security in our shopping centres. We focus on providing an enjoyable experience for our visitors and a pleasant working environment for people working in.

 Environment and community friendliness
We take the environment and local communities into consideration in all our decisions wherever we are operating.

 Anti-bribery, business gifts and hospitality
We are utterly opposed to bribery and corruption. We see nominal gifts, meals or tokens of appreciation and gratitude, as well as invitations to events or other social gatherings as a part of business management intended to build goodwill and sound working relationships. At the same time, we carefully consider the current situation and the monetary value before accepting or offering them.

We respect privacy. We will only collect personal data on legal grounds and for our reasonable, necessary and transparent business purposes. We process personal data carefully, ensure data quality and confidentiality.

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