Young people to participate in the development of a shopping centre

The Lippulaiva shopping centre under construction in Espoonlahti aims to fulfill the needs of the citizens of Espoo. We are engaging the citizens of Espoo in the planning ofLippulaiva, and we also want to introduce them to Lippulaiva’s advanced sustainability solutions concerning, for example, energy production.

Citycon has a long history in cooperating with young people. In the Lippulaiva project, we wanted to invest in long-term cooperation with local pupils and invited 7th graders from the upper comprehensive school of Espoonlahti to participate in the project through a sponsored class programme. The sponsored class programme includes various activities that engage pupils, for example, in the planning of Lippulaiva, preparing the rules and regulations concerning the shopping centre and brainstorming about the future. The programme also aims to teach pupils about the sustainable energy and mobility solutions that will be adopted in Lippulaiva shopping centre. The meetings will be integrated into the themes of the lessons, which means, for example, that energy solutions are discussed when pupils are studying energy production in physics lessons. We hope that our sponsored class pupils get the chance to familiarise themselves with the construction site so that we can show them what Lippulaiva looks like behind the site fences. Unfortunately, we have been forced to postpone this invitation due to the coronavirus epidemic.  The sponsored class programme will last three years, in other words, till the end of comprehensive school for these pupils. The sponsored class programme is implemented in cooperation with the Lippulaiva team, Citycon and the EU-funded SPARCS project partners (

The first sponsored class programme meeting was organised in September 2020. During the meeting, we introduced the old and new Lippulaiva to the pupils, showed them pictures of the construction site, and the architect taught the pupils about architectural models. The designers of the Espoo City Library also gave a presentation on the progress of the Lippulaiva library plans. A workshop was arranged at the end of the meeting. The pupils were divided into groups to discuss ideas on what “Our Lippulaiva” should look like, what kind of events it could organise and what the library should offer. The pupils were full of ideas and came up with more than 130 proposals concerning Lippulaiva. The theme of the second sponsored class programme meeting in December 2020 was mobility. During the second meeting, the pupils discussed the challenges related to the different ways of moving around and innovated solutions to these challenges in groups.

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