Youth-Focused Security Guards in Our Shopping Centres

In Finland, we continued and extended our youth-focused security guard project in cooperation with the NGO Youth Service Association. Security guards for youths are now available in Iso Omena, Koskikeskus, Myyrmanni IsoKristiina, Trio and Columbus. The specialised youth-focused security guards serve not only a security function, but also as trusted, reliable adults that youths at our centres can contact for any issue, big or small. As this project has received very positive feedback and good results, we will expand this project to all our centres in Finland. In 2020, Citycon will initiate the process of expanding the approach of combined security and youth engagement in our centres to our other operating countries. 

SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health has awarded the 2018 SOSTE Prize to Citycon. The purpose of the award is to draw positive attention to building an equal balance between welfare and economy and to the importance of welfare investments. The award was handed over to Citycon by the Prime Minister of Finland during the annual SOSTE conference. According to the jury, Citycon has been a pioneer in the inclusion and consideration of young people in the shopping centre business. This is demonstrated most clearly by the long-term cooperation with the NGO Youth Service Association and security service provider Securitas, and implementation of the youth-focused security guards.

According to the jury, “The consideration of the needs of young people when designing shopping centres, and the youth-focused security guard project, make shopping centres better suited to the wellbeing of young people. As young people spend time in shopping centres in any case, it is a great idea to go about changing the shopping centre and its atmosphere so that young people enjoy themselves and feel welcome, hence decreasing disorderly conduct.”

Read more about the SOSTE Awards here (only in Finnish).

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