Sustainable shopping centre management

At Citycon, we believe that operating sustainably is a key cornerstone in creating long-term value. We are committed to sustainable development, high ethical principles, and contributing to the community in everything we do.

We aim to take into account environmental aspects and well-being in the areas surrounding our properties. We are committed to promoting the health, safety, security, well-being and prosperity of the communities where we operate.

The objective of Citycon’s sustainability strategy is to define clear and justified sustainability priorities that create value for us as well as our stakeholders.

Our guiding principle has been to find issues that we can influence directly.

Our strategy is built around four priority areas of our long-term sustainability promises:

Carbon neutral

Using less energy and producing more of it ourselves

Long-term main objective:
Citycon is carbon neutral by 2030


Encouraging green transportation

Long- term main objective:
100% of assets are connected to public transportation, encouraging green ways to visit our centres. By 2030, the majority of our visitors will visit us by public transportation, foot, bike or electrical vehicles.

Convenient and safe

Customers, tenants and personnel all feel right at home

Long-term main objective:
Tenant satisfaction stays consistently above 90% in areas of safety, security, hospitality and service-mindedness. In addition, visitor dwell-time in shopping centres will increase.

Excellence in action

Making best practices the norm

Long-term main objective:
Citycon puts best sustainability practices into effect by following a clear roadmap and monitoring success.

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