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Iso Omena, one of Finland’s largest centres, has been awarded as the Best Shopping Centre in Finland and the Best Shopping Centre in the Nordics. It has an excellent grocery store offering, a unique restaurant world called M.E.E.T with well over 50 restaurants, and a diverse selection of fashion, interior design and leisure specialty stores as well as private and public services. Additionally, Iso Omena houses the 6,000 square metre Service Centre of the City of Espoo, which provides the services of a modern library and a public health centre.

Examples of premises at Shopping Centre Iso Omena

Name Size Floor
retail premise 47,0 m² ground floor
retail premise 55,5 m² lower ground floor
retail premise 80,0 m² mezzanine

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Piispansilta 11
02230 Espoo

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  • Mon-Sun

Gross leasable area by category

Rental income by category
Groceries, 28 %
Services and Offices, 20 %
Fashion and Accessories, 18 %
Home and Sporting Goods, 9 %
Cafés and Restaurants, 8 %
Leisure, 8 %
Cosmetics and Pharmacies, 3 %
Wellness, 3 %
Specialty Stores, 3 %
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The traffic connections to Iso Omena are excellent. The centre serves as a transportation hub, hosting the Matinkylä metro station and bus terminal. Located in Espoo, in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the centre's catchment area is among the wealthiest and fastest-growing in Finland, with a very high household income level.

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Anette van der Vliet
Senior Leasing Manager
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Jakke Irmola, Specialty Leasing Manager, Specialty Leasing Manager
Leasing, Pop-ups
Jakke Irmola
Specialty Leasing Manager
+358 20 766 4562

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