Type: Residential and commercial development

Developing a high-quality and lively area

We plan to develop the Isomyyri shopping centre area to urban city block together with neighbouring landowners. Our aim is to create a high-quality and lively area which combines urban living, services, work, leisure and high-quality public outdoor space.

In the development project, the existing Isomyyri shopping centre buildings and the parking facility will be demolished and replaced mostly by apartments in addition to retail premises, services and offices. Area’s city planning is ongoing.

Gross building area for Citycon: ~ 27.000

Attractive urban environment


The area has a great location next to the Myyrmäki train station alongside with a bus terminal housing several bus lines. The transport hub together with all the necessary services and recreational opportunities provide an excellent starting point for a sustainable development. Renewable energy is used in buildings, and further planning will investigate the utilization of geothermal potential.

We develop the area to be even more urban. The development plan applies to successful metropolitan environment elements such as green areas and resident rooftop gardens combined with a higher construction. The liveliness of the area is planned to be increased by bringing art to the area.