Shareholder agreements

Please see stock exchange releases   Citycon reports information on an agreement between Gazit-Globe Ltd. and CPP Investment Board European Holdings S.àr.l. regarding certain governance matters relating to Citycon and  Citycon reports on an amendment to the governance agreement between Gazit-Globe Ltd. and CPP Investment Board Europe S.à r.l.

As disclosed in the flagging notification published in 17 March 2021,  CPP Investment Board European Holdings S.à r.l.´s (”CPPIBE”) total holding of shares of Citycon Oyj has decreased to 7.5%. As a result of the disposal, the Governance Agreement entered into between CPPIBE and Gazit-Globe Ltd. on 12 May 2014, as disclosed by Citycon Oyj through stock exchange releases on 13 May 2014 and 17 March 2020, will terminate in accordance with its terms and conditions, if CPPIBE ceases to hold at least ten (10) per cent of Citycon shares, directly or indirectly, for more than thirty (30) consecutive days.

The company has no knowledge of any other shareholder agreements.