A tenant mix that caters to the needs of everyday life

The range of our tenant mix includes retail, food and beverage offering, municipal services, leisure, grocery stores and pharmacies. Our centres have everything a future-oriented and modern centre should have. In times of disruptive retail, we are considering the major trends and the offering is adapted to the changing and growing market. 

We help you to find the right format for your concept

We have a deep know-how of retail and how to create attractive commercial venues. It is a strength that we have many centres and can match the right concept with the right place. We are keen to find the right size and location for your business and place participants tenants who go well together as neighbours.  

When a new tenant has signed a lease, then the journey and a long-term relationship begins. We want to go hand in hand with you and provide help when needed. 

Municipal services


Accessible public services make people’s everyday life easier. By diversifying our offering to the customers with more service, we create service destinations and secure a steady customer flow to our centres. It is easy and convenient to take care of many things at once – many customers use both public and commercial services during one visit. 

Awarded Iso Omena

Iso Omena library

Our Finnish Flagship Iso Omena, located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is one of Finland’s largest centres. The centre has been awarded as the Best Shopping Centre in Finland and the Best Shopping Centre in the Nordics.  Iso Omena is seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry.

Iso Omena houses the Service Centre of the City of Espoo (6,000 sqm), which brings together various public services and several leisure activities. The concept has been a great success and the annual number of visitors is expected to be 1.5 million. 

Food and beverage experiences

Today, a restaurant visit is about more than tastebuds. The food itself is not always the primary reason for visiting a restaurant. We want to be able to have a business meeting, celebrate holidays, sit down to work, study and more. 
What is unique about Citycon is that we have a great deal of experience and understanding of what it takes to run a profitable restaurant. We understand restaurant key figures, operations, and concept development. Already in the lease process, we work for a long-term and healthy establishment. We also have a deep understanding of the local markets where we have our shopping centres. We understand what works and can help create site-specific concepts. 

M.E.E.T is an urban meeting place


Our restaurant concept M.E.E.T (Meet, Eat, Enjoy, Together), brings together a multitude of different restaurants under the same roof: an urban meeting place consisting of a variety of high-quality restaurants that cater many different tastes, needs and moods. 

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