Citycon follows the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and Guidelines for Insiders issued by the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The Insider Guidelines approved by the company's Board of Directors complement applicable insider regulations and specify the insider administration procedures in the company. The company's Manager, Legal and Investor Relations is in charge of Citycon's insider matters.

Following the MAR regulation, entered into force on 3 July 2016, Citycon has no longer public insiders or permanent company-specific insider register, but only deal-specific or event-based insider lists.

Managers' transactions
The company has determined the Board members, the CEO and other members of the Corporate Management Committee as its managers in the meaning of the MAR regulation. Citycon maintains a list of its managers and their closely associated persons who have an obligation to notify their transactions relating to Citycon’s financial instruments to the company and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Citycon publishes such transactions through stock exchange releases. Each manager’s aggregate holdings in Citycon shares and share-based rights are also disclosed in Citycon’s annual Corporate Governance Statement.

Trading restrictions and closed periods
The closed period of 30 calendar days before the publication of the financial statements or interim reports applies to company’s managers and employees participating in preparation of financial statements and interim reports. At that time they may not trade in financial instruments issued by Citycon, or other securities or financial instruments targeting or entitling to Citycon shares. Furthermore, the company’s managers are required to consult with Citycon insider administration prior to any contemplated transactions with Citycon financial instruments at all times.

The closed periods can be found in the investor calendar of the company.

Insider lists
Deal-specific or event-based insider lists are established to enable the effective management of project related inside information. Such lists contain information on persons who participate in the preparation of projects, such as capital market transactions or significant corporate or property transactions. They are not allowed to trade in the financial instruments linked to the company during the inside project.

Citycon has defined procedures for reporting on suspected violations of applicable securities market regulations (whistleblowing procedure). Such procedures are presented and reporting forms are found here.