Type: Mixed-use and residential development

Urban development to strengthen Fyllingsdalen and connect people in Bergen

Oasen, located in the heart Fyllingsdalen in Bergen, will be developed into a modern mixed-use centre that includes residentials, offices, public health services and retail. We develop Oasen in collaboration with the municipality. Oasen has a greater role in the ongoing municipal zoning plans for the development of Fyllingsdalen, highlighting Oasen as the city centre of the district.

GLA: 64 900
Estimated completion: 2030

Oasen transforming into an urban hub


Oasen has a long history in Fyllingsdalen, going back to the opening of 1971. We believe that the transformation as described in the zoning plan will contribute to good urban living for the coming generation in Fyllingsdalen.

The first phases of the development project at Oasen were completed in the summer of 2021. Oasen has opened up to the surroundings. New transparent facades and restaurants at the outside square, connect the centre's inside and outside. Over 6,000 square meters of old office space is converted into premises for a new health centre, F&B and daily shopping. A new public health centre, ‘The Family House’, has opened their premises of 4,650 square meters.

Our development plans for the centre includes 220–250 apartments. New residentials and offices will strengthen Fyllingsdalen as a living city centre.

True transportation hub

Oasen will have a greater role as a transportation hub. Bergen light rail, with a stop just outside Oasen, opens in November 2022. Fyllingsdalen will be connected with a new and larger catchment area in Bergen, including the city centre. The new bus terminal by the centre, opened in 2022, further strengthens Oasen as a transportation hub.

Erik Lennhammar, Chief Development Officer at Citycon

“Oasen is going through a very exciting transformation. The new light rail station and bus terminal makes mobility easier and greener, while the planned culture centre and library just opposite of Oasen, will be great additions to Oasen as a mixed-use centre. Citycon executes on its strategy by adding residentials, offices and services to our centres as we want to create long term value for local communities, tenants and owners.”