Step into the Spotlight with our flexible leasing spots across the Nordics and Baltics. Citycon's shopping centres are the perfect stages for your brand to be seen. 

We have strategic locations and high footfall in our 33 centres, attracting 140 million visitors annually. This volume serves as the foundation for Spotlight, which extends our offerings beyond conventional leasing, providing retailers with flexible spaces tailored for their unique needs. 

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Citycon Spotlight

Promotion spots

Citycon promotion spots

Promotion spots offer you prime visibility in the common areas of our shopping centres. These are spots with the highest footfall, ensuring exposure to a large and engaged audience. Promotion spots are ideal for you if you are looking for a shorter-term, prime visibility from one day to some weeks.  


Citycon pop-ups

Pop-ups offer you flexible short-term leasing in our regular store units. Whether it's for a few weeks or up to a year, you can test a new market or maximize your potential for a certain season.  

Long-term spots

Citycon long-term spots

Long-term spots offer you prime visibility in our common areas for a longer period, for several years even. Enjoy consistent exposure as your brand is strategically positioned in the middle of the customer traffic. Long-term spots provide a great possibility for highly visual execution and brand presence. 

Ad surfaces

Citycon ad surfaces

Ad surfaces offer you brilliant exposure through strategically placed advertising in our busiest areas, through a wide range of options including screens, stickers, banners, boards and foils. 


Vending machines

Citycon vending machines

Vending machines can be hosted in a range of ideal locations in our centres across the Nordics and Baltics. We assist you in pinpointing the perfect location for your vending business. 


Citycon audio

Audio advertising in our centres in Finland and Estonia offers the opportunity to reach our customers in a shopping mindset. Collaborate with our professional audio advertising partners. 

Full-centre takeover 

Full-centre takeover

Experience standout visibility with a full-centre takeover that transforms the entire centre into a canvas, unlocking the full market potential of the centre. Combine your promotion spot or pop-up with a variety of elements, including banners, boards, screens, foils and more, strategically placed throughout the physical space of the shopping centre. Allow all elements to create a powerful and lasting impact that resonates with your audience. 

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