Type: Mixed-use and residential development

Creating Stockholm’s most inspirational place for urban people

By covering the metro track area by Liljeholmstorget and creating a new urban space, Liljeholmen will take another step in the transformation into Stockholm's most dynamic district. With RE: Liljeholmen, an attractive living environment is being created with 3,000 workplaces, 120 tenant-owned apartments and a glazed plaza with space for activities, cultural events and experiences.

Planning and design phase

2019 - 2024

Planned construction phase

2025 - 2029

Gross building area for Citycon


Transforming the track area into a new urban space

Overall, RE: Liljeholmen will include new areas totalling just over 70,000 sqm, distributed between offices, hotels, retail, services, culture and public meeting places. The preliminary distribution will be as follows: 30,000 sqm of offices, 14,000 sqm of hotels, 10,000 sqm of housing and 6,000 sqm of public spaces with retail and services and 10,000 sqm garage.

The existing healthcare building with 12,000 sqm in size and over 20 care units, will be completely renovated and modernised.