We create fantastic places for people and businesses. We are placed in the hearts of communities where people live, work and shop. 

Our shopping centres in the Nordics are mixed-use hubs including retail, services, office space and housing. The necessity-based centres also provide inspiration through new services, experimental concepts and entertainment.   

Why lease with us? 

The most competent experts 

Citycon is a Nordic expert in connecting people and businesses. We have 34 centres in growing urban areas in the Nordic and Baltic cities and 120 million visitors annually.  

The best and predictable business locations 

Our centres are located in capital or major cities, in growing urban areas where people live, work, go to school and do their everyday shopping and use everyday services. This leads to a stable footfall and a very predictable business environment. 

Convenient & easy to shop 

Our indoor centres have an enjoyable environment all year round regardless of the weather. 100% of our centres are directly connected to public transportation and are easy to access with all types of transportation, no matter if it’s a car or public transport or if you come by foot or bike.  

Managed as a whole 

Our centres are managed as a whole to create the best shopping experience. We always make sure that new tenants bring something new and that the competition environment stays healthy with room for all businesses to prosper. Joint marketing and opening hours bring a high potential for a good turnover and multiple ways to communicate towards the consumers. 

Continuous development 

Our centres are evolving constantly. We at Citycon work to meet the demands of the customers for example by exploring possibilities to utilize the centres as delivery hubs for e-commerce customers. Also, the commercial offering is changing. It is no longer just about retail. We create multi-purpose meeting places that include also services, residential, culture, offices, health, food and leisure.

Citycon shopping centres are the best platforms for being close to people today and in the future! Join us and meet the people in the Nordic region!