Citycon focuses on having a strong capital base

Citycon focuses on having a strong capital base with an appropriate gearing level, low cost of debt and flexible access to debt financing supported by investment-grade credit ratings.

Sufficient and attractively priced financing gives us the capacity and flexibility to deliver on our strategy and to buy, sell or develop when opportunities arise. Long-term joint venture partnerships extend our capital base, spread the risk and leverage the expertise.

Key financial figures

Key financing figures 31 Dec 202331 Dec 2022
Nominal value of debtMEUR1840.41 781.7
Available liquidityMEUR434.3
Weighted average interest rate (incl. hedges) %2.62.4
Average loan maturityyears2.73.2
Loan to Value (LTV)%46.3
Interest cover ratio (financial covenant > 1.8)x3.74.0
Net debt to total assets
(financial covenant < 0.60)
Solvency ratio (financial covenant < 0.65 )x0.450.40
Secured solvency ratio
(financial covenant < 0.25) 
Average interest-rate fixing periodyears2.63.2
Interest rate hedging ratio%73.893.0
Citycon Breakdown of loans Q4 2023

Debt fixed



Share of secured loan



Available liquidity (MEUR)