Tenant stories

Anders Nordqvist, CEO of Brillo Pizza 

- The reason for choosing to establish Brillo Pizza in Liljeholmen is simple. We really believe in the place. It is an important hub for Stockholm, a lot of people move here. For us, it is important to be in a dynamic place with a strong vision for the future. The plan to develop the square into a restaurant cluster is great. Gathering several strong food concepts in one place makes it easier for visitors to come. We at Brillo want to contribute to making Liljeholmen a food destination.  

Joakim Wiklander, one of the Brothers' owners and founders 

- Liljeholmen is our home ground. We have a strong relationship with the place, and we love the mix of people who are moving to this area. We opened our first restaurant three years ago by the quay in Liljeholmen and now we want to be close to the metro as well with this new establishment.