Welcome to the New Albertslund Centrum – the new and modern meeting area for the community

Albertslund Centrum, just in the outskirts of Copenhagen, will be undergoing a major investment under the coming years. We will develop and refurbish the center. The neighborhood will be developed and strengthened in several ways. The focus will be on a better center, increased safety, new green areas, and better connections between the center and working areas, with culture and residentials. The main goal is to create a more vibrant, and safe Albertslund Centrum.

Short history

Albertslund Centrum was built in 1965 as one of the first shopping centers in Denmark. In 2012, Citycon took over the center and today, it has a strong local environment with many local shop owners, a rich cultural environment and unique architecture.

The center is in many ways the heart of the city but has hardly changed since it was built. At the same time, Albertslund is in rapid development. This creates a need to revitalize Albertslund Centrum, so that it remains a modern and up-to-date common center for everyone in the municipality.

Together with the municipality and the residents of Albertslund, we want to create a modern and up-to-date city center that is sustainable and attractive for business, culture, and everyday life. And safe to work, live and move around in.

We will develop and future-proof the new Albertslund Center with a big respect for the history. We want to open the center more towards the rest of the city and all that Albertslund has to offer. For example, the city's strong cultural offerings such as Forbrændingen, Musikteatret and the library, but also the blue and green area behind Musikteatret, which today is hidden away.

Albertslund Centrum

The new Albertslund Centrum

At Citycon, we run our centers with an emphasis on sustainability. We have an ambitious goal that we are CO2-neutral by 2030 - completely in line with Albertslund Municipality's environmental profile.

We want Albertslund Centrum in the future to have a green look with more urban nature and planted roof surfaces. It creates a sustainable expression and helps to secure the center for the future, so we limit the climate impact and can better withstand severe weather.

We also want to create better space for public transport, bicycles, and pedestrians. Both in the Albertslund Center itself and in safe, easily accessible, and natural connections to the station and the areas around the center.

It will include several new residentials areas in many different sizes. More and better areas for cafes, restaurants, shops, and businesses. More green areas as well as a rearrangement of paths and tunnels so that the center becomes more open, bright, and welcoming. We are also planning new parking garages with space for cars, charging stations, bicycles, electric bicycles and much more.


2015 - 2022
  • Opening of Sundhedshuset, Albertshøj phase 1 + 2 and Kvickly
  • Extensive renovation of roofs, sewers, piping, facades, windows, switchboards, and heating plants
  • Optimization of store mix, comprehensive tenant installations
2022 - and onwards
  • Opening of Albertshøj phase 3 + new stores
  • Political consideration of Citycon's master plan, consultation, local plan, public tender, etc.