In accordance with Citycon’s Articles of Association, the company has one auditor which must be an audit firm. The auditors are responsible for examining the financial statements, accounts and administration of the company and the group in accordance with the Finnish Auditing Act, as well as submitting a report on their audit to the General Meeting.

The auditor is elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting of 2020 re-elected Ernst & Young Oy (Authorised Public Accountant Firm) the company’s auditor, with Mikko Rytilahti (Authorised Public Accountant) acting as the auditor with principal responsiblity appointed by the firm since 2014. Ernst & Young Oy has served as the company’s auditor since 2006. Tuija Korpelainen (Authorised Public Accountant) has acted as company’s responsible auditor during the years 2006-2012 and Eija Niemi-Nikkola (Authorised Public Accountant) in 2013.

In 2019, Citycon group paid EUR 0.9 million in remuneration to its auditor, related to its general audit.