Type: Mixed-use development

The future of Kista – our greatest project in Kista ever

We believe in Kista. During the upcoming years we will take part in a historical investment in the neighborhood. We will develop, reform and refurbish. The neighbourhood will be strengthened in several ways. New green areas and more connections between the residential and the working areas will create a more vibrant environment in Kista.

The reconstruction of Kista is finished


Green roofs on top of Kista Galleria, sq.m.


Renovated and extended areas next to Kista Galleria, sq.m.


”A unique mix of business, innovation, diversity and everyday life” - Veronica Palmgren, Urban Development Director, Citycon

Since the start in the 70’s, Kista Galleria has always been the major venue in the Järva district. A place where colleagues come together for lunch, families gather together and teenagers go shopping, side by side. Meetings have occurred and memories have been shared. Kista has been a place for diversity and innovation. And that is exactly what we want for the future of Kista as well.

3D-view of Kista 2030

Imagine the final result in a 3D-module

Kista Galleria in the heart of Kista

Kista Galleria Vision

In cooperation with the city of Stockholm, Stockholm Regional Council and several property owners we are looking forward to create a safer, greener and more vibrant Kista.

To create an attractive environment around Kista Galleria we will invest in green areas – something that is missing today. Therefore, we propose to create green areas of 10 000 square meters on the roof of Kista's buildings, filled with plant species from the surrounding nature reserve Järvafältet.

To benefit from Kista’s huge potential, we need to incorporate more life and activities in the public spaces. By attracting more life during the whole day, our neighborhood will be more secure.

In connection to Kista Galleria, there will be two buildings for both residence and premises, where health establishment and educational institutions will be the tenants. The goal is to create a cluster where health is the main focus, similar to Vårdhuset in Liljeholmen. In total, there will be an expansion by 65 000 square meters with these two buildings.

The last couple of years we have invested and worked towards a modernization of Kista Galleria, as a part of the journey that is still in progress.

Several public spaces are proposed to be refurbished in Kista. Among these are Kista torg, Jan Stenbecks torg, Södra Torget och Kista busstorg.

A greener Kista

Kista Galleria will be divided into different blocks, with distinct character which will be cocreating with its environment. The buildings' roofs will get a greener character with plants from the nature reserve next door, Järvafältet. We will add even more solar panels to the roof. Parts of Kista Galleria’s facade will be enhanced with physical installations and digital screens, where art will be displayed.

Kista Skylt
Kista busstorg

With over 56 000 travellers on a daily basis and twenty different bus lines, we propose several measures and investments to create more welcoming arrival hall to Kista Centrum, Kista Galleria, the offices, academies and the global ICT-cluster. Together with the City of Stockholm and other partners, we will create a sustainable bus center and a greener, bright and welcoming environment.

Kista torg

Kista Torg should be a social and safe place for food, hanging out and seasonal activities.As a result, we propose food trucks, food festivals, street fairs, improved seating areas and an elegant greenery. Also, we propose building an upper secondary school with specific food programs as well as accommodations including tenancies.

Kista Torg
Södra torget

For Södra Torget we propose a vibrant square where sports, leisure, recreation and fun activities are the focus.

Visionbild Södra Torget
Jan Stenbecks torg

By 2025 will Jan Stenbecks Torg become a new stop for Stockholms expanding tram system. This is going to be a safe arrival hall with tram in the heart of Kista.

Visionsbild Jan Stenbecks Torg
A modern centre

Kista Galleria will get new and improved clusters based on its categories and offers. Such as a cluster of healthcare in a specific part of the centre.

We add more warmth and nature in color space and design, and using recycled furniture and furnishing.
In the aisle and by our dining areas we create a distinct interior for families with children.

Visionsbild av mer modern Kista Galleria


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