Kista Galleria, Stockholm


Kista is one of Stockholm's fastest-growing areas. Within a few years 8,000 homes and just as many new jobs will have been created here. It is buzzing with activity and now Citycon is about to venture on its own development journey in Kista Galleria and the surrounding area.

Kista Galleria, with its mix of retail, healthcare, residential and office space and direct connection to a regional communications hub, is an important part of Citycon's portfolio. The mall is also a popular cultural meeting place and offers a diverse range of dining experiences from all corners of the world.

This journey starts with a major facelift of the mall's interior. In the first phase, the Kistagången will be refurbished along with the adjacent stairwells. Here the colour scheme will be warmer with natural materials on the walls and in the furniture. The MEET food court will be updated and become even more inviting. The development will continue in 2022 when Modeboulevarden will get a similar boost. The mall will also be organized in different blocks based on the range of products and services. At the same time, signage will be reviewed. The purpose: to further improve and simplify the experience for mall visitors.

kista entrance

Completion first phase: